No Planaria Wipeout

Well guys I am not sure where to start…. firstly i noticed I had some planaria or detritus in the tank so went looking to find a fry and fish “safe” product and was told by many places including some major fish stores that no planaria was safe to use so I bought some online….

First treatments were all fine, day one just under 4 spoons, day two just under 2, day three just under one spoon, on day three i noticed some of the young hanging about the front left of my tank which seemed a little unusual, did my usual daily water test and checked the water via two test kits and all seemed fine.

Day four and i start noticing dead babies 🙁 and adults not acting like they usually do so I did a huge 60% water change and retested and all again seemed fine, over the next few days I started to treat with Esha 2000 and do regular water changes including using some Fluval Cycle, I ended up losing all the babies and so far two of the adults including a female who was full off eggs 🙁 I am devastated.

I believe the no planaria wiped out the good bacteria and caused a massive ammonia spike that i didn’t notice resulting in ammonia shock and death for many of the fish and all of the young. Be very careful if you use this product, I do not recommend using it at all and I believe there should be more warnings on the packet.

I am now down to a group of 8 adults who I hope survive “no deaths in two days” but time will tell, the only other thing left in the tank other than the group is 4x cardinals, 4x rummy nose and 4x melini cory.

Inkbird ITC306T Issue

Today I noticed my zebra tank was a bit chilly like winter had came for them lol, I had to set the calibration (CA) on the inkbird down by (minus) -2.4 degrees, I just wondered if anyone else had issues with the calibration on theirs or is it keeping the heat a stable say 29 degrees without calibration? I am just wondering if it’s normal to have to perhaps set the calibration to such an extreme for it to work correctly in some cases? now that I have set it it all seems ok again..
Thanks for any advice


(Update: May 18th, 2017, ordered a new probe for the inkbird as im sure this one is faulty, will update soon)

(Update: May 19th, 2017, The new probe arrived and fixed the issue, may be an idea for others who use the inkbird to keep an eye on it just incase they get the same issue i did)

An update on the fry

Just a little update the first batch are growing really well and are pretty active, the others are still in with dad but should be leaving the cave soon 🙂

Some pics and sorry for the quality I only have my iPhone 7 to take pics with for now

Helmet Snails & New Plants

Dropped in 6x helmet snails and some new plants today which are Echinodorus rubin narrow leave, echinodorus rubin, echinodorus red flame, hopefully see the end of the algae soon too.

The male zebra is still looking after his wrigglers well 🙂 shall try get some pics at some point.

Inkbird ITC-306UK Thermostat Installed

I set up an inkbird ITC-306 thermostat to prevent heater lock and tank wipeout. I have also put a second heater in the tank, this should stop any heater fail of lock on or the tank getting cold if one heater stops working. It’s good to have a little over protection. Sorry for the pic quality from my iPhone 7.

3x More L134 Arrive

Some sad news two of the five wild caught L134’s I got passed away due to hollow belly 🙁 I wormed the tank and over fed and filtered for a week and the remaining three seem ok now.

Today I got three more from Orwell Aquatics (Link in my link section), here are some pics. The current group is at six fish now.

L134 Wild Caught Group

Seeing as I have gave up the L129’s I’ve went back to the L134 Leopard Frog Pleco’s. I managed to get five wild caught ones today from G.M.Aquatics and Marcin was kind enough to deliver them to my house. Here are some pics of what we believe are 3x females and 2x males. Not great pics due to iPhone sorry.

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